Living; Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf is the mysterious, daunting villain of children’s stories and adult nightmares alike. Dark and ominous, the Bad Wolf commands his surroundings. He eats your grandmothers then feasts on you for dessert. She blows your house down in one mighty breath. He destroys your livelihood one sheep at a time. She leads her unstoppable pack down a path nobody will stop. She takes responsibility for her actions whether she succeeds or fails. The Bad Wolf disassembles his opposition by any means necessary.

A Bad Wolf is not a lion. The lion is the “king,” but the lion has never deserved it. A lion sits and waits for others to do his hunting. She only chooses enemies that are smaller and weaker than she. He lets others shape his world, and she lets the world shape her. The lion may succeed. The lion may be recognized for success. The lion does not earn the success nor the recognition for it because the lion never took responsibility for his defeat, trials, and failures. Those were always at the fault of others. The lion is the “king” because nobody stopped her.

Metaphors aside, anybody can live as the Bad Wolf or the lion at anytime they choose. It is the difference between recognizing that you have the power to determine your own fate. No, speaking your dreams into existence will not result in an overnight overhaul of your life. However, keeping your mind focused on your goals and keeping your actions disciplined to follow the path to your goals will lead to achieving them. If you let others be your reason for failure then you can never be your reason for success.

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