Modern Methuselah

In the coming years, modern medicine is set to advance so greatly that the first person to live to one thousand years old has already been born. The modern Methuselah was not the son of Enoch, but rather the son of a wealthy investor from Austin Texas. Chuck, born Chester Williamson, was born October 12th, 2018. He has spent the last 876 years as the world’s oldest man. He has gained and lost fortunes a dozen times over, worked in every occupation from a first responder to a financial guru, and is revered by the public. He’s been a psychologist and philosopher for centuries with dozens of published works on his theories about life. Today, he starts his bid as the Near-Anarchy Party candidate for Grand Chancellor of the Allied Earth Nations which span 86% of the inhabitable land left on Earth. Deeply influenced by his hero, Robert A Heinlein, his speech is read as follows:

My fellow earthlings, I come to you today as many things. Most importantly, I come to you as a caretaker. Through my millennium of life I have struggled, lost my way, lost my country, lost my family, and gained insight that my ancestors thought impossible. The wisdom I have been lucky to gain from a number of experiences that even I find incomprehensibly long is my greatest strength. It has been my life’s work to improve the human disposition. With your help, I plan to lead our first sustained colony into the Andromeda Galaxy. Earth, its solar system, and many of the inhabitable planets we have found, terraformed, or inhabited will die before humanity. Our biggest hope is to travel toward the universe’s edge. Andromeda is the next step. Join me in expanding intelligent life across all existence; beyond what we know. I am Chuck Williamson, and a vote for Chuck is a vote for humanity.
Thank you. ✌️✌️

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