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An Explanation

This is why I am personally affected by the social and political climate and events of my country, why it is my nightmare, and why that stops now. I have social anxiety and exhibit anti-social behavior because I am afraid of how the society around me will treat me. Throughout human history, including American history,Continue reading “An Explanation”

New year. Same.

Life is a Kansas City shuffle. You look left, it goes right. COVID gives you a reason to fear others’ health and opinions. Gas will never be under $2 in California again. Your neighbor is a stubborn, pig headed moron who will never align with your political agenda. If you made a little extra moneyContinue reading “New year. Same.”


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These posts explore the vastness of the universe and existence, explain Bad Wolf Life, and create an alternate reality which both explores humanity and lets the reader relax with a smile. Please, enjoy.

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